Company Introduction

Established in 1984 in Beijing, Digital China Information Service Group Co., Ltd. (DCITS) (SZSE: 000555.SZ) has emerged as a world-leading Fintech service provider with the vision of “To be a leading partner in finance digital transformation for financial clients”. As of 2023, the company boasts a workforce of approximately 15,000 highly skilled employees and an impressive track record of serving over 1,900 financial institutions worldwide. DCITS offers a comprehensive range of services, includingconsulting, software products, Fintech solution implementation, and cloud infrastructure services. These offerings have empowered financial institutions to optimize their operations and drive business innovation. By leveraging DCITS' cutting-edge products and expertise, these institutions have successfully delivered more efficient, convenient, and high-quality financial services to hundreds of millions of individuals and tens of millions of corporates.

As a market leader with strong expertise, DCITS is a member of the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), and had been ranked 34th in the IDC Global Financial Technology Top 100 Enterprises. Many of our financial software solutions sit at the top of the IDC bank IT solutions market rankings. With IT projects collaborated by DCITS, many clients won external awards e.g., Asia Bankers Awards.

DCITS put a high value on product research and development(R&D). In 2023, DCITS invested over $100 million in product R&D. By 2023, we have 1,922 intellectual property rights and patents, and published more than 300 financial software products. All the products are designed under the guidance of ModelB@nk5.0, which represents DCITS’ insight into the future of coreless banking application architecture, shaping the direction of banking IT architecture and service capability development. By pushing the boundaries of banking service capabilities, the architecture facilitates closer connections between banks and customers.

To cater to the evolving needs of financial institutions in China and overseas, DCITS has established 2 Fintech research institutes, 3 financial solution delivery centers, and 4 financial research and development centers in prominent cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, and Chengdu, so to provide comprehensive services from general capabilities, to innovations and ecosystems.

Looking forward, DCITS is committed to fostering ongoing collaborations with financial clients worldwide, leveraging its leading Fintech capabilities encompassing concept, technology, products, and services. Through these partnerships, DCITS aims to drive financial digital transformation, empowering financial institutions to embrace the future and unlock new possibilities in the digital era.