2019.07.25 - DCITS and Huawei jointly released a financial security solution to promote financial openness and security

2019.12.05 - DCITS cooperated with FISCO BCOS, an open source platform, to become the underlying platform for the domestic alliance chain in BSN, promoting the standardized application of blockchain in the financial industry


●  Participated in the establishment of the Beijing Fintech Research Institute; helped build a national fintech demonstration zone.


●  DCITS and Huawei jointly promoted the development of the Kunpeng Intelligent Data Industry Alliance, empowering the industry’s digital transformation.

●  DCITS and JD Digits enhanced cooperation in Industry + Scenario + Data, to promote the overall digital banking solution.


●  DCITS and the Key Laboratory of Mathematics, Informatics and Behavioral Semantics (LMIB), Ministry of Education, Beihang University signed a contract to jointly build a united block chain innovation laboratory.

●  DCITS and the National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Software, Tsinghua University signed a contract to jointly build a united big data innovation laboratory.


●  NIFD (National Institution for Finance & Development) and DCITS signed a contract to build the top Global Fintech Innovation Case Database.

●  DCITS and Peng Cheng Laboratory initiated strategic cooperation to develop a financial super-brain designed to serve major scientific research tasks in financial technology.

●  DCITS and the Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Institute of the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT) signed a contract to promote the adaptation of innovative applications to domestic bottom core technologies.