History of Steady Growth

  • Launched Sm@rtEMSP, the enterprise microservice platform; the Application of Satellite-Ground Integrated Quantum Communication built for the People’s Bank of China made one of the Ten Excellent Products at the CISE.
  • In 2019, DCITS ranked 38th in the IDC FINTECH RANKINGS of the Top 100 financial technology firms and ranked first amongst such Chinese enterprises.
  • Its distributed core banking business system was rated one of the ten excellent products at China International Software Expo (CISE); initiated more than 10 distributed core client cases; joined forces with JDD to launch IaaS+SaaS+FaaS fintech services for medium and small banks.
  • Ranked first for five consecutive years in the core business and ESB construction sectors; market share in the self-developed core system for private banks exceeded 70%; established the distributed core system for aiBank to boost its successful launch.
  • Fully launched distributed applications such as the New-Generation Distributed Banking Core System; launched the first open bank in China.
  • DCITS and OKI achieved a strategic agreement for cooperation in the ATM field of China.
  • ModelB@nk4.0,the new-generation“Internet + universal bank”IT application architecture,was grandly put on the market.
  • DCITS purchased Clesun Tech to perfect the strategic layout of intelligent agriculture.
  • DCITS undertakes the world’s first large-scale quantum application project to occupy the commanding height of the RMB 100 billion market.
  • Acquired Sino-agri Sinda Co., Ltd., completed the expansion from Smart City to Smart Countryside, and improved the overall layout of the Smart China strategy.
  • Become one of the eight national key enterprises of the secure and reliable computer information integration system.
  • Initiated the establishment of the alliance to employ and promote safe and reliable information integration systems, to build an ecological chain in the IT industry.
  • December 30, 2013, DCITS was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 000555).
  • The international population forecast software (PADIS-INT) debuted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Conference, providing a reference for the world's information-based population management.
  • The independently developed multi-functional CRS was officially put into the market.
  • Formally renamed as “Digital China Information Service Company Ltd.”, DCITS in brief;
  • Became the first service provider in the industry to pass the conformity evaluation of “General Requirements for Operation and Maintenance Services” proposed by ITSS;
  • Released the ModelB@nk 3.0 version of the bank IT overall application system, including Fusion, Ensemble and Fintelligen (three business functional products with independent IP rights), and three comprehensive service platforms as the operation monitoring platform, enterprise service bus and data integration platform;
  • Appointed as deputy chief of the overall team under the national IT service standard working team by MIIT, becoming the enterprise member with the highest rank in the working team;
  • Won the bid for the overall consultation & planning and project management in Phase III of Golden Tax of SAT;
  • Set up the academy of engineering, and established a large-scale R&D system applicable to complex industries;
  • Released the brand of “Rui Xing Service”, and took the lead to realize service branding after successfully achieving service productization and standardization;
  • Successfully developed the first finance data model in China, marking that bank informatization entered into the data application era;
  • Released ModelB@nk2.0, the only application system used for banks based on SOA architecture in China;
  • CTAIS was awarded first prize of Science and Technology in Beijing, accomplishing the promotion of national tax in 34 provinces nationwide;
  • Set up the largest domestic financial software development base in Xi'an.
  • Released ModelB@nk1.0, the overall solution to the second-generation banking core system; successfully implemented China Development Bank’s core system, thereby setting up a good example for overall banking application;
  • Successfully launched CTAIS 2.0, indicating the emergence of the new version of CTAIS based on three-layered architecture;
  • Became the first domestic IT enterprise to provide high-end financial consulting service;
  • Development and Perfection of CTAIS was listed to be a significant knowledge-innovative project by CAS;
  • Released Sm@rtBanking, the first-generation overall solutions for banking informatization;
  • Released the bank’s counter business system Sm@rtACE, the first domestic financial application software, with a market share exceeding 50%;
  • Began to be engaged in the design and development of bank’s application software, which is an application system for the bank’s tailored service;
  • Took the lead to be engaged in the informatization service industry, and became one of the first IT service providers in China;