Company Introduction

    Digital China Information Service Company Ltd.Chinese abbreviation: 神州信息.English abbreviation:DCITS Stock code: 000555.SZ. An integrated service provider for the entire financial technology industry chain, DCITS, with more than three decades of experience in information construction, is a leader in the Chinese information industry and an implementer of Digital China. With a reliance on solid performance in independent research and development, it marries technologies with businesses, enables digital transformation of the industry, promotes digital upgrading in China, and supports the mission of Digital China. DCITS has driven the intelligence-based iterative upgrading of software and service products with a focus on financial technology. It has also led the way in the application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), block chain, cloud computing and distributed computing, big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and quantum communication. These strategies are designed to assist financial institutions to advance infrastructure transformation and business innovation in a secure and compliant manner. Furthermore, through the integration of finance, government and enterprise, operations and agriculture industry data and scenario resources, and the innovation of financial scenarios, it seeks to build a new service platform. This provides operation services to empower the digital transformation of the financial industry and to create a new integrated industrial ecosystem.


    In the development trend of digital and intelligent integration, DCITS, an independent innovator, pursues a strategy of “energizing the industry’s digital transformation with big data, AI and block chain, creating a new, integrated industrial ecosystem with a focus on financial technology”. Supported by emerging technologies, DCITS integrates finance, agriculture, government, enterprise and operators industry data and scenario resources, provides a series of products, solutions and services. These include, for example, Financial Information Service Innovation, Scenario Finance and Intelligent Finance, enabling digital transformation in a range of industries, building a new integrated industrial ecosystem, and fulfilling the mission of Digital China.

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